RB12 Race “Postponed”
RB12 Race has now been officially “Postponed” until 2014 but it will take more than that to put off the E-Lites BananaShark crew.With very little time to organise it the intention is for the crew to carry on with the trip and go round Britain anyway, using the more traditional Race route through the Caledonian Canal the crew plan to start in their home port of Salcombe, the team will visit 10 more venues leaving cheques for Children’s Hospices at every venue with the Rotary Club of Great Britain (I’m sure they won’t mind!) – This money will come from the return of the entry fee from the RB12 Organisers. Our proposed route is on this map and if we get approval from everybody we will be back by the end of June.Wish us luck and if anyone is on our route we would love to see you on the way round.