BananaShark 34 Race and 38 Poker Run overnighter.

BananaShark 34 Race and 38 Poker Run overnighter.

  • 38’ overall length.
  • Hard, removable or open cockpit.
  • Full electronics package.
  • Four to ten seat configuration.

The team at BananaShark have established over the last ten years an enviable reputation in the race and fast leisure boat markets. The latest creation from the company has set the bar even higher for the competition.
Born from a wish to go racing in the reincarnated marathon & endurance classes, we offer a boat to the owner who wants the look of the modern top of the range sport cruiser, with real performance, yet without the enormous price tag or fuel bill.

Every option right up to a fully upholstered cabin boat with twin or double berths, a galley and heads. A boat capable of miserly fuel consumption with the latest Yanmar common rail diesels (260hp or 370hp each) coupled with well over 60mph performance in challenging conditions. This boat is being watched by a lot of people in the industry as well as racers and enthusiasts.

Hand laid GRP with balsa core hull and deck, including Epoxy Kevlar strengthening beams, with no bulkheads and a seamless hull and deck join with no rubrail. Also available in Aramat for weight saving.

Foredeck with single or twin safety rail in Stainless Steel or Carbon Fibre, optional sunpad on engine cover with boarding ladder built into the rear “bustle”. Substantial walkways with large air intakes incorporating water drains to ensure water and air are separated before entering the engine compartment. Six pop up cleats, anchor and rope locker.

A near infinite number of arrangements are on offer for the cockpit,
with four buckets, six point harnesses, and emergency air supply for the race boat. Further options are included for the leisure and Poker Run models, with seating for up to ten people in the outboard version.

There are three options of roof for the cockpit, from the reinforced race roof to removable or totally open configuration for the leisure models. All craft benefit from the protection from the ½” thick windscreen.

Seats can be supplied with custom coverings with many different options, suspension seating is also available.
Fuel tank is mounted underneath the cabin for the best weight distribution, with no change in handling as fuel load alters.

Controls and Dashboard
Options for all models vary from simple generic throttle and gear controls up to state of the art race controls, with VHF , GPS and engine data all linked.

The GPS can display all of the engine data and warnings, as well as drive and trim tab settings, helm angle, fuel consumption and range figures and tank readings. This is integrated with 3D navigation and aerial photos of the harbour you are entering! Sounds systems ranging from the basic to a full custom installations are available.

The forward cabin has the option of a double vee berth or two singles, and a small galley with concealed heads. Access is from the cockpit or from the forward deck hatch. Mood lighting and separate sound zones for the sound system are also available.

Engine Compartment
Engine options include the very frugal Yanmar BY260s or 8LV370s with various drive options, (including surface drives), up to staggered Mercruiser 525s or even Ilmor V10s.

Sound insulation, calorifier, triple battery system, bilge pumps, shore power system with battery charger. Exhaust exits through rectangular custom exhausts in transom.

Customise! It is possible to have your boat built the way you want it with any option you want fitted, pick every aspect of your boat to make it one of a kind.